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 Launch Date:29.09.2012


GSAT-10, India’s advanced communication satellite was successfully launched by Ariane-5 from Kourou, French Guyana on September 29, 2012. Weighing 3425 kg at lift-off, GSAT-10 carries communication transponders in normal C-band, lower Extended C-band and Ku-band as well as GAGAN payload operating in L1 and L5 bands. GSAT-10 is the second satellite after GSAT-8 to carry GAGAN payload. GSAT-10 also carries a Ku-band beacon to help ground antennas to point accurately towards the satellite. The GAGAN payload provides Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), to improve accuracy of the positioning information obtained from the GPS satellites. Correction data derived from a network of ground based receivers is made available to the users in the country through GAGAN. 


Mission Communication satellite to provide Telecommunication, Broadcast and Navigation services.
Lift-off Mass 3425 Kg
Spacecraft Power Solar Array: 6500 Watts, Batteries : Li-ion (128 Ah-2 Nos)
Platform System I-3K (I-3000) 
Stabilization 3-axis body stabilized in orbit using momentum/reaction wheels, magnetic torquers, sensors and thrusters
Launch Date September 29, 2012
Launch Site Kourou, French Guiana
Launch Vehicle Ariane-5, VA-209



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