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Launch Date: 25.12.2010


GSAT-5P was the fifth satellite launched in the GSAT series. It was an exclusive communication satellite to further augment the communication services currently provided by the Indian National Satellite (INSAT) System. GSAT 5P configured as a replacement of INSAT-3E carried 24 C band and 12 extended C band transponders. GSAT-5P with a lift-off mass of 2310 kg and a power handlingcapability of around 2600 W was built around the I-2K satellite bus platform. The spacecraft was launched on December 25, 2010 onboard GSLV-F06 from SDSC, SHAR.  However the mission goals could not be achieved due to snags in launch vehicle performance



Platform System

I-2K (I-2000) Bus

Lift-off Mass

2310  Kg

Spacecraft Power

Solar Array: 2600 Watts         Batteries:  Li-ion (64 Ah)


3-axis  body stabilized using momentum/reaction wheels, magnetic torquers, sensors and             thrusters


24 normal C band and            12 extended C band    transponders

Launch Date

December 25, 2010

Launch Vehicle



Not achieved

Mission Life

13.7 Years

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