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Launch Date:20.04.2011

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YOUTHSAT is a joint Indo-Russian stellar and atmospheric satellitemission with the participation of students from Universities in Russia and India. With alift-off mass of 92 kg, YOUTHSAT is second in the Indian Mini Satellite Series built around IMS-1 (Indian Mini Satellite) bus. The Youthsat mission investigates the relationship between solar variability and thermosphere- ionosphere changes.

The satellite carries three payloads of which two are Indian and one Russian. Together, they form a unique and comprehensive package of experiments for the investigation of the composition energetics and dynamics of earth’s upper atmosphere.

The Indian payloads are RaBIT (Radio Beacon for Ionospheric Tomography) used for mapping Total Electron Content (TEC) of the ionosphere and LiVHySI (Limb Viewing Hyper of the earth’s upper atmosphere (80-600 km) in a spectral Spectral Imager) used to perform airglow measurements range of 450 nm to 950 nm. SOLRAD(Solor Radiation Experiment) from Moscow University, Russia was intended to study temporal and spectral parameters of solar flare X and gamma ray fluxes as well as charged particles in the earth’s polar cap regions. 


Space Science

Lift-off Mass

92 kg

Orbit Period

101.35 min


1020 (Pitch) x 604 (Roll) x 1340 (Yaw) mm3


3-axis body stabilised using Sun and Star Sensors, Miniature Magnetometer, Miniature Gyros, Micro Reaction Wheels and Magnetic Torquers

Spacecraft Power

Solar Array generating 230 W, one 10.5 AH Li-ion battery


Paraffin Actuator based Solar Panel Hold Down and Release Mechanism



Launch date

April 20, 2011

Launch site

SHAR Centre Sriharikota India

Launch vehicle



Circular Polar Sun Synchronous

Orbit altitude at injection

822 km + 20 km (3 Sigma)

Orbit Inclination

98.731 º + 0.2 º

Mission life

2 year


The extensive data is beingused for scientific studies like researchof solar activity, mapping the Total ElectronContent (TEC) of the Ionosphere andperforming airglow measurements of theearth’s atmosphere. SOLRAD couldnot achieve the intended goals

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