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Launch Date: 30.08.1983

INSAT-1B, the second in the INSAT-1 series was successfully launched by Space Shuttle of USA on August 30, 1983. It was stationed at 74°E in place of INSAT-1A. It was the first operational satellite in the Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) series and provided telecommunication, tvbroadcasting, radio networking, weather observation and forecasting services. It was operational till July 1990 with all its 4375 two–way voice or equivalent circuits in use.


Communication / Meteorology

Platform System


Lift-off Mass

1152 kg

Spacecraft Power

Solar Array: 1000 W


Momentum biased three axis stabilization

Launch Vehicle

CC LC-39A ,Shuttle (PAM-D) with Challenger F2 USA


12 C band transponders,
2 S band transponders and VHRR


Geostationary 74oE longitude

Orbital Life

7 Years


Proved to be the most dependable spacecraft and worked well during its entire design life of 7 years. VHRR imagery used for weather forecast by India Meteorological Department (IMD)





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