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Launch Date: 12.06.1990

INSAT-1D launched on June 12, 1990 by Delta 4925 Launch vehicle, concluded the first generation INSAT series. The specification for the INSAT-1D was the same as that of INSAT-1B but with expanded battery and propellant capacities. Launch was initially planned on June 29, 1989 but 10 days before the launch the spacecraft was seriously damaged during launch preparation, when a crane hook fell on it. The fully insured satellite was repaired by Ford Aerospace at a reported cost of $10 million. It also suffered a $150,000 damage during the October 1989 Californian Earthquake. It assumed the prime role from INSAT-1B on July 17, 1990.


Communication / Meteorology

Platform System


Lift-off Mass

1190 kg

Spacecraft Power

Solar Array: 1000 W

Launch Vehicle

CC LC-17B, Delta-4925, USA

Orbital Life

12 Years


1.Improved features in terms of larger battery capacity to support payload operation during eclipse periods 

2. 3:2 redundancy for the output devices for C XC
transponder channels No 11 & 12.
3. Additional propellant loading




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