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Launch Date: 07.12.1995


INSAT-2C, the third satellite in the INSAT-2 series was an exclusive communication satellite launched successfully by Ariane-4 from Kourou, French Guiana on December 7, 1995. The communications payload consisted of 12 C band, 6 extended C band, 3 Ku band, 1 MSS forward and return transponder and 1 BSS S band transponder.

The Ku band transponders and C/S band transponders were used for business communication and mobile services respectively. extended C band transponders enabled TV programme outreach beyond Indian boundaries catering to the population from South East Asia to the Middle East. INSAT-2C was stationed at 93.50 E. 

Mission Communication
Lift-off Mass 2020 kg
Spacecraft Power Solar Array: 1450 W
Communication C extended C, S and Ku bands
Stabilization 3-axis body stabilized using bipropellant thrusters and momentum wheels/ reaction wheels, Earth sensors, IRU & Sun sensors
Payload 12 C band, 6 extended C band, 3 Ku band, 1 MSS forward and
return transponder and 1 BSS S band transponder
Launch date December 7, 1995
Launch site French Guyana
Launch vehicle Ariane4
Orbit Geostationary 93.5 deg E
Inclination 0 deg.
Orbit life 8 Years
Achievements TV programme outreach  beyond Indian boundaries For the first time ku band services were introduced
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