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Launch Date: 04.06.1997


INSAT-2D, the fourth satellite in the INSAT-2 series was an exclusive communication satellite launched successfully by Ariane-4 from Kourou, French Guiana on June 4, 1997. The bus system configuration of INSAT-2D was similar to that of INSAT-2C with minor modifications. It carried 12 C band, 6 extended C band, 3 Ku band, 1 MSS forward and return transponder and 1 BSS S band transponder. INSAT-2B, INSAT-2C & INSAT-2D were co-located in the geostationary orbit thus enabling efficient use of allocated orbital slots. However the satellite became in-operational in October 1997 due to power bus anomaly.  It was later replaced by INSAT-2DT.



Lift-off Mass

2079 kg 

Spacecraft power

Solar Array: 1540 W


C,extended C, S and Ku bands


3-axis body stabilized using bipropellant thrusters and momentum wheels/reaction wheels, Earth sensors, IRU & Sun sensors


12 C band, 6 extended C band,3 Ku band, 1 MSS forward and
return transponder and 1 BSS S band transponder

Launch date

June 4, 1997

Launch site

French Guyana

Launch vehicle

Arianev 4


Geostationary 93,.5deg.E


0 deg

Orbit life

4 Months: Major problem in Power system caused by Arc 
Tracking in High current Harness


Co-location techniques learnt



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