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Launch Date:24.01.2002


Launched in January 2002, INSAT-3C is positioned at 74ºE longitude. INSAT-3C payloads include Normal C-band and Upper Extended C-band transponders. S-band transponders are also included to provide BSS services & MSS services. All the transponders provide coverage over India. The satellite is continuing to provide satisfactory service.

Mission Communication satellite to provide Telecommunication and Broadcast services.
Lift-off Mass 2650 Kg 
Spacecraft Power Solar Power:2765 W, Nickel Hydrogen Batteries
Platform System I-3K( I-3000) Bus
Propulsion Liquid Apogee Motor with fuel and oxidizer stored in separate titanium tanks and pressurant in Kevlar wound titanium tank.
Stabilization 3 – axis body stabilised in orbit using Earth sensors & sun sensors, momentum and reaction wheels, magnetic torquers and thrusters
Launch Date January 24, 2002
Launch Site French Guyana
Launch Vehicle Ariane 5-V147


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