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RS -D1

Launch Date:31.05.1981



RS-D1 is the third satellite in the Rohini Satellite Series, flown onboard SLV-3 vehicle. It carried a Land mark tracker payload.

    Mission Experimental Satellite
    Orbit 186 x 418 km
    Orbit Inclination 46o
    Lift-off Mass 38 kg
    Orbit Period -
    Local Time of Equator crossing -
    Repetitivity -
    Payloads Landmark Tracker (Remote Sensing Payload)
    Attitude and Orbit Control Spin Stabilisation
    Power Solar Array generating 16 W
    Launch date May 31, 1981
    Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
    Launch vehicle SLV-3
    Mission life -
    Orbital life 9 days
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