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Launch Date:17.04.1983


RS-D2 is the last satellite in the Rohini Satellite Series, flown onboard SLV-3 vehicle. It carried a Smart Sensor Camera operating in Visible and Infrared bands. The camera providing data for classifying ground features like water, vegetation, forest, bare land, clouds and snow.

Mission Experimental Remote Sensing Satellite
Orbit 371 x 861 km
Orbit Inclination 46o 
Lift-off Mass 41.5 kg
Orbit Period -
Local Time of Equator crossing -
Repetitivity -

Smart Sensor:

Channel 1 - 0.65± 0.05 µm and

Channel 2 - 0.85± 0.05 µm

1 km Resolution; 25 km

Swath L-band Beacon

Attitude and Orbit Control Spin Stabilisation
Power Solar Array generating 16 W
Launch date April 17, 1983
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle SLV-3
Mission life 17 months
Orbital life Seven Years (Re-entered on April 19, 1990)
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