FEA Book Released

Finite Element Analysis Book Released

FEASTSMT is the general-purpose Finite element analysis software developed indigenously by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, the lead centre of ISRO. The software is sold at a fraction of cost compared to other commercially available finite element packages thereby contributing a little to the clarion call by the honourable Prime Minister for an atmanirbhar Bharat. The ongoing effort involves refining the features and capabilities of the software to continuously update the software capabilities to solve wide range of engineering problems. Tailored to accommodate the diverse spectrum of finite element analysis users, the software currently presents four licensing options viz. Standard, Academic, Premium and Professional version. In order to encourage user adoption, a limited version of the software is available, motivating new users to discover and explore the software's functionalities.

To increase the user base, National Finite Element Developers'/ FEASTSMT Users' Meet (NAFED) is organised each year to engage with users and collect their feedback. This ensures continuous improvements in the software. To tap the students and practicing engineers, a book titled "Introduction to Finite Element Analysis - a textbook for engineering students", edited by Sri S Somanath and Dr Unnikrishnan Nair S. and written by experts in the field of finite element analysis, has been released by Professor TG Sitharam, Chairman AICTE on 21st December 2023 in the presence of Sri S Somanath, Chairman ISRO/ Secretary, Dept. of Space.

The book provides an overview of the fundamental principles of finite element analysis elucidating concepts and problem-solving techniques through the utilization of FEASTSMT software. This publication stands as a valuable resource, combining the expertise of ISRO scientists with a comprehensive approach to finite element principles.

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