Launch Date:28.04.2008


CARTOSAT – 2A is a highly agile satellite to provide better than 1m spatial resolution data. The satellite carried a Panchromatic Camera (PAN). The spatial resolution of this camera is better than 1m and swath of 9.6 km. The highly agile CARTOSAT-2A is steerable along as well as across the track to provide spot imageries of the desired locations. Imageries from this satellite are used for cartographic applications like mapping, urban planning and rural development.

Mission Operational Remote Sensing
Orbit 635 km Polar Sun-Synchronous
Orbit Inclination 97.914o
Lift-off Mass 690 kg
Orbit Period 97.446 minutes
Local Time of Equator crossing 09:30 A.M.
Repetitivity 310 days; 4 days (Revisit)
Payloads Panchromatic Camera: ~1 m resolution, ~9.6 km swath, 10 bit radiometry, 0.50 – 0.85 m
Attitude and Orbit Control 3-axis body stabilised using reaction wheels, magnetic torquers and hydrazine thrusters
Power Solar Array generating 1200 W backed by 2 batteries of 18 AH capacities each
Launch date April 28, 2008
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle PSLV – C9
Mission life Five Years (Nominal)
Orbital life In Service