Launch Date:22.12.2005


Launched in December 2005 by the European Ariane launch vehicle, INSAT-4A is positioned at 83ºE longitude along with GSAT-12. It carries high power Ku-band transponders with footprint covering Indian mainland and C-band transponders covering Indian geographical boundary and area beyond India in Southeast and Northwest regions.

Mission Communication satellite to provide Telecommunication and Broadcast services.
Lift-off Mass 3081Kg
Spacecraft Power Solar Array to provide a power of 5922 W
Platform System I-3K(I-3000) Bus
Propulsion Liquid Apogee Motor with MON-3 (Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen) and MMH (Mono Methyl Hydrazine) for orbit raising
Stabilization 3–axis body stabilised in orbit using Earth sensors & sun sensors, momentum and reaction wheels, magnetic torquers and thrusters
Launch Date December 22, 2005
Launch Site French Guyana
Launch Vehicle ARIANE 5-V169