IRS-P4/ Oceansat-1

Launch Date:26.05.1999

Oceansat-1 is the first satellite primarily built for Ocean applications. It was launched by PSLV-C2 from SHAR Centre, Sriharikota on May 26, 1999. The satellite carried Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) and a Multi frequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer (MSMR) for oceanographic studies. OCM operated in the visible and near infrared bands and MSMR operated in microwave bands. Both the payloads were configured to serve the application areas related to Oceanography. The instruments were used to derive geophysical parameters such as chlorophyll, suspended sediments, sea surface temperature, sea surface winds, water vapour in an atmospheric column and for identifying potential fishing zones, coastal zone management, etc.  
The major objectives of Oceansat-1:

1. To gather data for oceanographic, land (vegetation dynamics) and atmospheric applications.  

2. Develop new applications areas as complementary/ supplementary data from already operational remote sensing satellites.

3. Conducting technological/ scientific experiments that of relevance for future developments.

Mission completed on August 8, 2010 after serving for 11 years and 2 months

Mission Operational Remote Sensing
Orbit 720 km Polar Sun-Synchronous
Orbit Inclination 98.27o
Lift-off Mass 1050 kg
Orbit Period 99.31 minutes
Local Time of Equator crossing 12:00 P.M.
Repetitivity 2 days

Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) and a Multi frequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer (MSMR) for oceanographic studies

OCM: 360 x 252 m, 1420 km swath, 12 bit radiometry, 402 – 885 nm in 8 Bands (B1: 402 – 422 nm; B2: 433 – 453 nm; B3: 480 – 500 nm; B4: 500 – 520 nm, B5: 545 – 565 nm; B6: 660 – 680 nm; B7: 745 – 785 nm; B8: 845 – 885 nm)

MSMR: 1360 km swath; 4 frequencies in dual polarized mode: 6.6 GHz (V&H), 10.65 GHz (V&H), 18 GHz (V&H); 21 GHz(V and H);

Attitude and Orbit Control 3-axis body stabilized with 4 reaction wheels and magnetic torquers
Power Solar Array generating 800 W backed by 2 Ni-Cd batteries of 21 AH capacities each
Launch date May 26, 1999
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle PSLV – C2
Mission life -
Orbital life Completed on August 8, 2010 after