Mars Orbiter Mission

Mars Orbiter Mission is ISRO’s first interplanetary mission to planet Mars with an orbiter craft designed to orbit Mars in an elliptical orbit of 372 km by 80,000 km.  Mars Orbiter mission can be termed as a challenging technological mission and a science mission considering the critical mission operations and stringent requirements on propulsion, communications and other bus systems of the spacecraft. The primary driving technological objective of the mission is to design and realize a spacecraft with a capability to perform Earth Bound Manoeuvre (EBM), Martian Transfer Trajectory (MTT) and Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) phases and the related deep space mission planning and communication management at a distance of nearly 400 million Km.  Autonomous fault detection and recovery also becomes vital for the mission.

Mission Profile

PSLV would inject the spacecraft from SDSC, SHAR in the 250 X 23000 km orbit with an inclination of 17.864 degree.  As the minimum energy transfer opportunity from earth to mars occurs once in 26 months, the opportunity in 2013 demands a cumulative incremental velocity of 2.592 km/sec.


ISRO’s Advisory Committee for Space Sciences (ADCOS) has selected the following five payloads:


                             Primary Objective

Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP)

Escape processes of Mars upper atmosphere through Deuterium/Hydrogen

Methane Sensor for MARS (MSM)

Detect presence of Methane

Martian Exospheric Composition

Explorer (MENCA)

Study the neutral composition of the Martian upper


MARS Colour Camera (MCC)

 Optical imaging

TIR imaging spectrometer (TIS)

Map surface composition and mineralogy

The deployed views of the spacecraft indicating the scientific payloads are shown below.



     Planetary Science and Exploration (PLANEX) Programme

The objectives of the PLANEX programme are to conduct planetary science research, strengthen activities in this field in India and provide a forum for planning and implementation of planetary exploration missions of ISRO. PLANEX programme is nucleated at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad since 2001.