NRCM-204 is a corrosion resistant coating material for metals and composites to protect from various environments like nitric oxide, dinitrogen tetroxide (N2O4), mixed oxides of nitrogen, concentrated nitric acid (Conc.HNO3) etc. The system is comprised of inorganic-organic hybrid network consisting of hydroxy siloxane, epoxy-amine based alkoxy silanes, crystoballite silica. Complete curing of the system is achieved by simultaneous curing of epoxy-amine and hydroxy siloxane-alkoxy silane in presence of tin based catalyst.

Salient Features

• Ambient temperature curing

• Corrosion resistant material to protect from harsh oxidising environment


Properties Values
LSS (Al/Al) at RT, ksc =10
Tensile strength, ksc = 5
Tensile Modulus, ksc  5 to 15
Elongation (%) 70 to 120
Dip test of coating in Conc.HNO3 for 3 days No Peel off


NRCM-204 offers a highly corrosive resistant coating which can be coated over metals and composites for almost all type of corrosion which includes various acids. Conventional polymeric materials will not withstand such a highly corrosive environment.


ISRO is willing to offer the knowhow of this technology to suitable entrepreneurs / industries in India. Capable manufacturing industries interested in acquiring this knowhow may write with details of their present activities, requirements and plans for implementation, infrastructure and technical expertise available with them, their own market assessment, if any, and plans for diversification to the address given below:


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