Outreach activities

Outreach activities organised by the Centre aims in creating public awareness on the activities of VSSC and ISRO and also on societal benefits brought in by the Indian space programme. Field exhibitions are one of the initiatives in this direction.

Field Exhibitions 

VSSC organises field exhibitions to generate awareness among the general public and the student community. Exhibitions are organised in Kerala and neighbouring States for a duration of two to seven days at selected educational institutions, National/ International conferences and on important occasions like Cultural fests and trade fairs, based on invitations from the organisers.

For more than a decade, VSSC has been a regular participant in the Pooram exhibition held during April-May every year, in connection with Thrissur Pooram, one of the most spectacular cultural fest in the State of Kerala, India. The ISRO pavilion set up by VSSC is a major attraction in the expo. The expo has a viewership of lakhs of visitors and ISRO pavilion is a major attraction in the expo.

Thrissur Pooram exhibition