The Decision Support Centre (DSC) established at NRSC under Disaster Management Support Programme (DMSP), is the single window delivery point for aerial and space enabled inputs together with other important data layers for its use in disaster management of pre-disaster, during-disaster and post-disaster phases. DSC is addressing five natural disasters viz., Flood, Cyclone, Forest Fire, Earthquake and Landslide. DSC team keeps a close watch on the disaster situation in the country and acquires satellite/aerial data on the affected regions. The data is analysed and rapid based mapping and assessment is carried out and value added products are disseminated to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and nodal ministries via FTP, Web page, E-mail etc. For online transfer of space-enabled inputs to the State and Central government user departments, a VSAT based satellite communication network has been established. The products are also hosted on web portals viz., Bhuvan, NRSC and NDEM for wide public viewing/usage. DSC is working on space inputs for long-term disaster mitigation and rehabilitation like hazard zonation, vulnerability and risk assessment. DSC provides satellite data support to International disasters through forums like the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, Sentinel Asia and UNESCAP/UNSPIDER. DSC is also working on improving the models for forecasting and early warning.

Agricultural drought assessment using space technology inputs has been operational in India since 1989, through a project 'National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System (NADAMS).

Achievements of DSC, NRSC

  • Major floods and cyclones in the country were monitored and mapped in near real time using satellite/aerial data and flood inundation information is disseminated to the nodal ministries, Central and State Govt departments for helping in relief management. Some of the recent events are J&K floods and cyclone HUDHUD in 2014, Uttarakhand floods and cyclone PHAILIN in 2013, unprecedented floods in Assam in 2012 etc.
  • Release of flood hazard zonation atlases for Assam and Bihar.
  • Scientific assessment of flood prone area in the country.
  • Close monitoring of Lhonak Lake in Sikkim and Pareechu Lake in Tibet using high resolution data.
  • Development of spatial flood inundation models using LIDAR based elevation data.
  • Support to international disasters through International Charter and Sentinel Asia forums.