Technology Experiment Satellite (TES)

Launch Date:22.10.2001


TES is the first very high resolution satellite (less than 1m) built and launched by ISRO. It is an experimental satellite to demonstrate and validate more than eleven new technologies namely, Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) for step and Stare imaging in the desired direction; Two mirror on-axis optics for payload providing less than 1m Nadir resolution at an altitude of 560 kms; X-band Phased array antenna with two beam generation capability for payload data transmission; High torque reaction wheels; Improved satellite positioning system, etc.  

The major objectives of TES are to design and develop a technology experimental satellite incorporating a set of critical technologies for on-orbit demonstration and validation for future mission and also to provide hands on experience in complex mission operations like step and stare maneuvers, etc.

Mission Experimental Remote Sensing
Orbit 560 km Polar Sun-Synchronous
Orbit Inclination 97.65o
Lift-off Mass 1108 kg
Orbit Period -
Local Time of Equator crossing 10:30 P.M.
Repetitivity 1 to 5 days
Payloads PAN: 1m, 13 km swath, 7 bit radiometry, 0.5 – 0.85 µm
Attitude and Orbit Control 3-axis body stabilized with 4 reaction wheels and magnetic torquers
Power Solar Array generating 800 W backed by 2 Ni-Cd batteries of 21 AH capacities each
Launch date October 22, 2001
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle PSLV – C3
Mission life -
Orbital life Completed