Indian Space Research Organisation at its Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram has developed thin foil heat flux sensors (Gardon Gauge) and temperature probes. They have applications in a variety of heat measurements like radiative and convective heat flux measurement for short durations in flight, aerodynamic heat transfer measurements on moving bodies during flight, plume heat flux measurement at nozzle exhaust, flame temperature measurement at nozzle exit, hot gas temperature measurement inside combustion chambers etc.

Typical Properties/Characteristics are given in the Annexure.

VSSC is willing to offer the process know-how of processing these sensors to eligible interested parties who are working in the domain of heat transfer/sensors

Interested entrepreneurs are requested to contact the address given below with all relevant particulars regarding their line of current activity, infrastructure available, market assessment of the product, financial arrangements made, turn over and sales of their products for the past years and a copy of their latest annual report

Sensor Name

Measured parameter


Sensor output at full range

over range


Thin foil heat flux sensor (uncooled)

Heat flux

10 and 30 W/cm2

Linear output, 10 mV

25% of rated heat flux


Thin foil heat flux sensor (cooled)

Heat flux

10 and 30 W/cm2

Linear output, 10 mV

25% of rated heat flux


Gas Temperature probe


77 to 2500K








Fig1.Thin foil Heat Flux Sensor(Un cooled) Fig2.Thin Foil Heat5 Flux Sensor(cooled) Fig3.Gas Temperature probe



ISRO is willing to offer the knowhow of this technology to suitable entrepreneurs / industries in India. Capable manufacturing industries interested in acquiring this knowhow may write with details of their present activities, requirements and plans for implementation, infrastructure and technical expertise available with them, their own market assessment, if any, and plans for diversification to the address given below:


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