TV D1 Test Flight is accomplished. Crew Escape System performed as intended. Mission Gaganyaan gets off on a successful note.

Mission Definition:

"In-flight Abort Demonstration of Crew Escape System (CES)" at Mach number 1.2 with the newly developed Test Vehicle followed by Crew Module separation & safe recovery.

Mission Objectives

  • Flight demonstration and evaluation of Test Vehicle sub systems.
  • Flight demonstration and evaluation of Crew Escape System including various separation systems.
  • Crew Module characteristics & deceleration systems demonstration at higher altitude & its recovery.
TV Mission Pillbox
  • Mach 1.2
  • Altitude 11.7 km
  • Flight path angle 60°
  • Dynamic Pressure 22.6 kPa
CM-CES separation
  • Mach 0.5
  • Altitude 17 km
  • Dynamic pressure 2-3 kPa
Drogue Parachute deployment Altitude 16.7 km
Main Parachute Altitude < 2.5 km

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